“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Wouldn’t that be nice?! Doing something you love doing will not feel like working… It also counters the myth of work-life balance: First of all, balance is precarious, usually a moment in time and very hard to maintain! Instead of looking for balance, can we look for flexibility?

Second, you have one life; you work during this. So, the question is, what is important in your life? What would make your life meaningful? How do you live your life to the fullest? And what would be so bad if work is a means to an end?

I have found through all my years of working that if the job itself was sh*t, I would still go to work, singing along to the radio while commuting, when the people at work were fun or interesting to be around and we got on well. When I felt part of something like a tribe or a family (remember, every tribe and family have the crazy uncle, the aunt you avoid, the nephew you’d like to slap and the niece you’d like to stop talking).

You might have felt chucked out of your tribe when you were put on furlough or when you had to work from home. Of course, you understood the need for this – that did not mean that you did not feel disconnected. Even when you stayed in touch by phone, email, text or video call, it felt more disruptive than having a conversation at the coffee machine.

Now going forward, you might have to go back working from the office. And this might make you feel nervous too! I don’t know how to socialise anymore… So, I practised, starting with a small group of friends, just hanging out in person. And guess what, I noticed that it took some time, but I have not unlearnt this!

And if you keep working from home, you and your colleagues organise time to hang out in person to connect on a human level, not just to talk about work – find some inspiration below in Connect & Celebrate.

Confucius was right! I do hope you love your job and the people around you at work. And if not, that at least you feel part of your tribe at work!

Kirsty x

Connect & Celebrate Awareness in August 2021

August is the International Fishing Month; fishing is for everyone! Organise a day out with your colleagues…

It is National Marine Week from the 24th of July until the 8th of August. Wildlife Trusts around the UK will be holding sea-themed events, from snorkelling to exploring rockpools to clifftop picnics. The world is your oyster 😊

On the 5th of August it is Cycle to Work Day! Maybe this could be the day where everyone meets up (at the office). Find more information here.

And if you would like to celebrate International Cat Day, you can do that on the 9th of August. While International Dog Day is on the 26th of August…

Not only is it National Allotments Week from the 9th to the 15th of August, it is also Afternoon Tea Week! So the only question is really; who is bringing the fruit and vegetables for Pimm’s?

You could even spike the Pimm’s with Prosecco on the 13th of August, as that is International Prosecco Day! Aren’t we lucky that this year it falls on a Friday…?

And last for now; on the 19th of August it is International Photography Day! Find more info here.

We hope you will have some fun and connect in August! Feel free to email us with your stories and photographs –and you might be featured in our next newsletter or blog!


Latest Blog

This month we are drawing your attention to our first ever blog post on KvLS! Have a read and let us know what you think!



In these uncertain times we all could do with creating some headspace! For your overall mental health wellbeing it is useful to practice mindfulness. One of the ways of doing this is by guided meditation. You can find a whole load of guided meditations online, although it could be quite a job to find something that you like listening to. So, we have decided to share some of our favourites each month. You can listen to these meditations online or download them to your phone; pop some headphones in and give yourself a break!

Let’s start with Being Kind to Yourself. This guided meditation is just over ten minutes and reminds you to practice self-compassion.

The Inner Strength meditation is about six minutes long and helps us to find inner strength when feeling overwhelmed and in need of a reset.


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  1. “balance is precarious, usually a moment in time” – thank you for mentioning this. And that flexibility is key.

    As a virtual business assistant, working from home is normal to me. But I couldn’t do it without my tribe of other virtual assistants.
    And beside meeting online, I visit my clients at least once a month in person. Human beings are a social species that rely on cooperation to survive and thrive, right? 😉

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