“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


And that is one of the reasons that in therapy we do not talk about ‘trying’ – you either do or do not, we practise. We practise new behaviours, we practise mindfulness, we practise managing our thoughts and feelings, we practise, practise, practise… That does not mean that practise makes perfect, and once perfected you can stop. We practise so new behaviours become new habits, usually replacing unhealthy habits. When wanting to get rid of an unhealthy habit, it can become very difficult when you ‘try to stop’ and there is nothing to replace that habit. It will become easier when you practise a new healthy behaviour, making a conscious choice to do things differently.

Instead of looking at the long list of things you cannot do, look at the things you can do.

I have the unfortunate habit of ‘forgetting’ to eat and when my body screams for sustenance, I have the tendency to grab whatever is in my desk drawer (mainly biscuits and chocolate). I cannot be bothered to get out of bed earlier to make myself lunch to take to work, I tried it for a while! I am not hungry when I wake up, so trying to eat some cereal results in at least half of it ending up in the bin! Trust me, I tried!

So, I made the conscious choice to practise healthy(er) eating habits. On my way to work, I pick up chewy granola slices, a wrap or salad and some fruit (grapes are my current favourite). When starting up my computer I chew a chewy slice and my desk drawer remains shut, as I graze the fruit that is on my desk.

Until I ‘forget’ to pick up supplies – not really forgetting, just not consciously thinking! I start up my computer and reach for … And it is not there! As I am aware that I am practising, I am aware I make mistakes and those can be rectified! The moment I have a few free minutes, I pop out and go to the corner shop. They might not have exactly what I want, I can still make a healthy(er) conscious choice that day!

Until I am so busy and before you know it, it is 3pm, the desk drawer opens, and it is biscuit galore! It does not even register until there are only crumbs and empty packaging left. Now, that is the moment of epic fail! The moment I feel disgusted with myself. The moment I am my own harshest critic.

Then I remember; I am practising! I could spend my energy on berating myself or I could stop making it worse and set a reminder on my phone to pick up some healthy(er) food for dinner on my way home! And tomorrow… is a new day for continued practise! Thank you, Confucius!

Kirsty x
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National Bacon Day is celebrated on the 4th of September this year! Maybe this time you could go organic?

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On the 19th of September it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day… Arrr, matey…  it had to be shared!

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In these uncertain times we all could do with creating some headspace! For your overall mental health wellbeing it is useful to practice mindfulness. One of the ways of doing this is by guided meditation. You can find a whole load of guided meditations online, although it could be quite a job to find something that you like listening to. So, we have decided to share some of our favourites each month. You can download them to your computer or phone; pop some headphones in and give yourself a break!

Let’s start with Eye of the Storm; a nine minute meditation, supporting you to connect to a place of inner calm, even in the midst of chaos.

And when you are feeling frustated, P’d off, angry; this twelve minute Loving Kindness mediation will support you to let go and cultivate compassion for yourself and others, although you might want to go for a run, do some air-boxing or singing very loudly first to get rid of some pent up energy…


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    1. Yes, when we change it from a struggle into a challenge, there is so much more you can achieve! Thank you again for your feedback, Monique 🙂

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